Rasa X duplicate messages in conversations view

I’m seeing an odd behavior in the rasa x conversations view where after some time I’m seeing duplicate message for a given conversation. It’s not just the messages though, but it looks like duplicate events really. Here’s a screenshot:

Note that these dups do not appear when initially conversing with the bot but only after a time. I’ve seen this happen both from “share your bot” link conversations as well as conversations through a twilio/sms channel integration.

I’m using the rasa-x-helm chart to run rasa, rasa-x, duckling, rabbitmq & postgresql in a gke kubernetes cluster. As can be seen from the screenshot, it appears as though all events are being duplicated (i.e. user utterances, bot actions, etc.).

Has anyone seen anything like this and any suggestions to try to track down what may be the cause?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @whitedr which version of Rasa X are you using?

Hi @akelad

We’re on rasa-x version 0.25.1 (from the latest version of the helm chart I’m using).


@whitedr when you say “only after a time” - what do you mean? As you send more and more messages?

I don’t think we’ve seen this bug before. As of Rasa X version 0.26.0, we’ve introduced some functionality so that duplicate events can’t exist anymore - would you be able to upgrade to that to see if the issue persists?

Hi @akelad,

I’m not sure what causes those duplicate message to appear or when they do (i.e. how long after the conversation occurred). I’ll try to narrow that down more which hopefully will provide more clues as to the cause. I will also see if I can try rasa-x 0.26.0 to see if that helps and report back here.


Alright, please let me know if the issue still happens and we can investigate further.

@akelad fyi - I just updated to rasa-x 0.26.0 and the duplicate message that I was seeing before are now gone. Thanks!

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