Rasa X on server without docker


I’m trying to deploy RASA X to our server, so my colleagues can edit stories without running it locally. I know, there is an tutorial to install it as a docker container, but the server runs a linux kernel without support for OverlayFS (so docker wont work).

Is there a way, to get it running without docker?

Hi @tograssm, I was and still looking for a better solution to this. But for the time being what I did was created a python script using subprocess module and run the rasa server from there. Then on my ubuntu server, I run the script in the /etc/rc.local file.

P.S. Don’t forget to put & at the end of your command or on next reboot your server may not boot at all.

Hey, thanks for your answer, but do you really mean rasa x server or the stack?

My goal is to let rasa x run on the server, so my colleagues can edit the bot on the server. I tried some things in the last days, current approach is starting rasa x via a PHP shell_exec with nohup, then extracting the generated password from the nohup.out. Still having problems to get the nohup.out from PHP - is there a way to set a password manually?

Another problem I encountered is that I cant connect from my chat interface to the rasa core server, started by rasa x. is there a way to get around this?