Run Rasa and Rasa X in Docker, connect then both

I want to make both Rasa and Rasa X, each in its own Docker container, and connect them both. I was able to make Rasa X run on a container with the following command:
docker run -p 5002:5002 -it -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa-x:stable rasa x

Then I tried to run both Rasa and Rasa X using docker compose. When I do so, I cannot login to Rasa X, because the password is not shown to me. How do I set a permanent password or setup both containers so I can access them without the login credentials?

I am running Docker Toolbox on a Windows 8.1 machine, and will replicate the same process in a Windows 10 machine when it is working.

Have you checked out our Deploy to a server docs? Sounds like you’re running in local mode rather than in server mode although you’re in docker-compose.

I have read the Deploy to a server docs. I am in doubt if that’s what should be done. I actually want to run Rasa X on a local machine indeed, for developing the bot, but am having trouble doing that due the machine configuration. I wanted to use Rasa X under Docker to see if that allowed me to overcome the configurations issue.

Ah, interesting. However I am pretty sure

docker run -p 5002:5002 -it -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa-x:stable rasa x

will run both rasa and rasa x, and they can’t really be separated in this way without using server mode and customizing it a fair bit.

What machine configuration issues are you seeing?

Here is a print of the error that is happening:

After we removed some characters that were appearing in our domain file, the docker container ran correctly.

Stll don’t know what is the cause of the problem but it works now. Might be some special characters that cannot appear on the domain file.

Ah okay, I think we actually fixed this recently, what version of rasa X are you running?

We are using the ‘stable’ version of the Rasa X image on Docker, which I believe uses the 0.20.3 version.

Hmm, interesting – yes i believe it also should be 0.20.3, which is when we cleaned up the domain encoding: Rasa X Changelog

So seems a little weird if you’re still running into that!

Although if you run into this issue once, it means that rasa x probably opened and then re-saved your domain in the wrong encoding, which could cause issues even after upgrading to the bug-fixed version since it’s saved in the wrong encoding. What might help is creating a new domain file with the same content (utf-8 encoded), removing the old and replacing it with the new…

The domain file was created again and now it works. We also updated Rasa X, just to be sure. Thanks for the help!

Sure thing!

@CaioTsubake interesting thread for those who wants to run the Rasa x on the local machine. Can you please list the exact steps you have taken to Run Rasa x on the local machine with Rasa . Thanks