Clarification of Rasa X deployment on a server

Can someone please clarify what are all the steps for installing Rasa X on a server starting from scratch?

Cause I have a new server, I followed the instructions here for installing Rasa X, but I always get some errors, so I guess I’m missing something.

Do I need to install rasa before starting with that installation? Do I need to deploy to the server all my rasa files (domain, config, nlu, stories…) in order to have docker-compose working? What about the custom actions?

Please, I really need to understand what is the basic procedure for having it all working.

Thank you, Tiziano

Hey @tiziano,

Installing Rasa X using docker-compose will install Rasa OSS for you, so you don’t need to do that manually. If you want to deploy to a server using existing project files and action server, I recommend you look at the more detailed Docker-Compose Manual Install Guide.

Please share any errors you encounter during the installation process here, so that we can troubleshoot them. Hope this helps!

Hi @fede thank you for your reply. I’m facing this issue at the moment. Do you have 5 mins for looking at it? Thank you, Tiziano