Unable to run Rasa X in the production mode locally

Hi, I am having issues to run Rasa X in the production mode by using this command:

rasa x --no-prompt --production --port 5005

I can confirm that my Rasa server is up and running on the port 5005 but I am not able to access Rasa X on port 5002 for some reasons. It works fine if I am running Rasa X without the --production argument. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I am using rasa==1.1.8 and rasa-x==0.19.5.

hi @ggbond what happens if you run it with --debug and without --no-prompt? Could you post the output?

I have attached a file with the log output to this thread. I looked through the method run_in_production in the x.py and found out that it does not use the rasa-x library at all. It just run my Rasa instance as a server locally, is that correct?

output.txt (7.8 KB)

this seems a very old version of rasa compared to the 1.8 that just came out. however I think the only way to access rasa-x now is via the container on a linux setup. is that why you’re still using this 1.1 version?

Not really, I am still using the 1.1.x version because that is the version which my team is using when we started our project. Do you know if it is possible to run rasa-x in the production mode by building my container locally? Or do I have to use the official rasa-x image from the docker hub?

@ggbond I would recommend upgrading to a newer version of rasa and deploying rasa-x using docker-compose or kubernetes/openShift.

In addition, there’s a super simple One-Line Deploy Script to help you get started with rasa x in production mode @ggbond

what’s the process for running rasa-x on a mac? even the manual install notes conspicuously don’t mention that.

I was looking at various emulators, but it’s a lot of work. I would get an AWS instance, but i’d prefer to run it locally so I can check the output and stories etc.


I am having the exact same problem, using rasax 0.41.1 and my own Docker script. I assume production mode somehow only works with the official images?

Not able to start rasa x in production mode