RASA X not showing latest convesation


We are having problems with our deployment of Rasa X. Normally is working fine but sometimes it stops showing the latest conversations. Sometimes after restarting the service starts showing them again and sometimes I even have to update rasa X. Also sometimes it starts showing the messages after 2 or 3 hours, but we have seen that can take up to 12 hours to show the converastions.

We are using RASA X over docker-compose just to analize the conversations of our actual Rasa development (we added the PIKA endpoint to the endpoints file in RASA). So we are wondering what can be causing this problem.

We are not sure if some memory space gets overloaded and then stops writing new info?

I can share any additional required info.



Hi Jorge,

Please confirm that all the containers are running, docker-compose ps. Then look at the logs for the rabbit, rasa-production and rasa-x containers and let me know if you see any errors.


I see errors in rabbit container related to no more free space available. Is there any way we can delete old conversations to get more space?