Rasa X {nlu, stories, rules}.yml different version that matching rasa files

Hello community,

I installed Rasa X 1.1.0 with Helm (but I believe this problem is independent of installation method). I set up a repo on gitlab and push the results of rasa init (with rasa 3.1.0). Then I finally connect my Rasa X with the git repo. After the sync is complete I see that the domain, config and responses are there, but nothing from {stories,rules,nlu}.yml.

I tried to upload rules.yml through the Rasa X GUI but it was rejected, and the same with the stories.yml file. Same with nlu.yml. Then I added some intents manually on the Rasa X NLU Data, and shortly I saw nlu.yml in the repo was erased and replaced with my changes added on Rasa X. There I saw the difference:

version: 3.0
...rest of yaml...

That was it. Then I replaced all versions in my data yaml files, and they were accepted by the Rasa X server. Why is this happening?


Rasa X v.1.1.0 doesn’t read data files with version:3.1, and the files it generates have version:3.0. On the contrary, rasa init of matching Rasa (v.3.1.0) makes yaml files with version numbers 3.1, which is also what the docs say.



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Have you managed to solve it? I just posted this, but directly asking for how to file a bug report, as no solution seems to be available

Hello, the solution must come from Rasa X developers. My workaround was use version:3.0 everywhere.