Rasa X Interactive doesn't work

I have installed Rasa X using docker-compose method

version in 0.36.0

It is running in a cloud server

Ubuntu 18.04, 4 CPU, 16 G RAM, SSD

Rasa X is a new install, so no previous data. First I added few intents and then few utters (responses), trained the model, activated new model. Then moved to “talk to your bot” and turned the interactive training on. Started with first chat, interaction ask to confirm if proposed intent is correct, I confirmed, BUT then it doesn’t ask what is the correct resposne (utter).

My domain file

session_expiration_time: 60
carry_over_slots_to_new_session: true

  • tervehdys
  • tavata
  • tila
  • text: moikka, hauska tavata
  • text: Joo, pidä hauskaa

Hi @InnoOmnia can you share some of your stories you have written as well?