Need help deploying RASA X

Version: Rasa X undefined

I am currently using ubuntu on a virtual machine and trying to deploy rasa x (quick installation). it is taking years. Did anybody tried that before and know how to fix this ?

Thank you

Uninstall the existing installation using the following command

curl -s | sudo bash -s – --uninstall

Set Rasa X version environment variable using this command

export RASA_X_VERSION=0.33.0

Then install using the following command:

curl -s | sudo -E bash

Having the same issue

Do you have an idea of how long does it usually take to deploy RASA X

Around 4-5 mins for me. Initially, it was taking a lot of time to install for me too. Started behaving correctly on uninstalling and reinstalling using the abovementioned steps.

I used Hyper-V for the virtual OS is that what you used ?

Google cloud Platform makes things way much easier. watch this video if you need it