Rasa x injects new actions


I had been trying out Rasa X for interactive learning as it is a nightmare on the CLI. I have built Rasa X locally for this reason and I am trying out a few possibilities. However, When I go for the talk to my bot option everything is normal until I correct an action. There are two things happening.

  1. The session restarts. However, the story is not discarded which is a good thing.
  2. However, there are a few injections in terms of steps in the story. This is not what I would ideally want.

Any solution to these troubles?

Can you share an example of what you’re inputting, correcting, and getting back? Some screenshots would be great

Hey. I won’t be able to give you more than the screenshots here. However, what I have experienced is that basically, rasa x goes back to a random step above (and) or a few intermediate steps disappear.

Before correction_action pressed.


Hey, Is this a recognised issue?