How does one make changes to the responses by rasa core inside Rasa X

Hello all, I’m having some trouble reviewing conversations inside Rasa X. I’m able to review changes and annotate the NLU portion of rasa, but I can’t figure out how to correct the dialog management portion from inside Rasa X.

Here’s more context. After an update, my bot has started to fallback in cases where it shouldn’t and I simply want to indicate that this specific action is incorrect. Would also be helpful if I can instead point out what the next action (from my available list of actions at the time) should be. Not referring to creation of new actions as a requirement.

I went back to Juste’s masterclass and it does not quite show how to correct the sequence of actions. In the Minor Updates section of the Improve your assistant page as well, it mentions “such as fixing incorrect NLU / Core predictions”, but does not show how exactly to do the fixing of the incorrect Core prediction.

Can someone help? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ganesh,

On the Conversation screen, select the conversation you want to modify and on the right you will see a Copy to Interactive Learning button. Select that the the conversation will be moved to the interactive conversation page where you can modify the action.


Hello @stephens, thank you for the response! It seems that for interactive learning, I need to have a model trained. When I attempt to train, it says that there wasn’t any change, so no need to train the model. But when I refresh the page to look at the models, I get a 504 timeout. Am I doing something wrong?

I assume Talk to your bot probably doesn’t work either? Do a ‘docker-compose ps’ to make sure everything is running (if you’re using the docker-compose setup).

Check the logs for Rasa X and Rasa production containers.

docker-compose logs rasa-x
docker-compose logs rasa-production

I’ll give this a try. Thanks @stephens!