How to fix your Rasa, if it is initiating the wrong intent or has the wrong confidence level towards something?

I wanted to know, how can I fine-tune my bot or tell it that it made a mistake upon understanding an intent, so that it doesn’t do it again in future or gives the right response. Is there such a feature possible in Rasa? If so how can you do it?

Thanks for your time :D! Would mean a lot if someone could guide me from here.

You can do interactive learning on Rasa X by clicking the button next to the “Send” button (ref), or in Rasa Shell by running rasa interactive (ref).

Your bot will ask at each step if the correct intent and entities are detected and if the response is correct.

Rasa X also has a tab where you can see the bot’s predictions for user inputs and its confidence level. If they’re correct, that’s great; if not, you can correct them and the input will be added as an example under the correct intent in your NLU file (ref).

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Hey thanks for the reply! I wanted to know if that Rasa X feature is available through coding with an IDE like VS Code?

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No, Rasa X is a graphical interface that opens on your web browser only :slight_smile:

To install it locally (not on a server), execute the following in your virtual environment:

pip install rasa-x -i

And to start it, execute the following in your virtual environment in the root of the project:

rasa x
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