RASA X in production/development


I wanted to validate my integration idea for an assistant already working in production.

I am using RASA X as my tool to manage my text/speech assistant. I am thinking what is the best way to set up a final CI/CD pipeline. I was thinking about setting up 2 RASA X instances connected to different branches of my project (master and development).

  1. Development branch and “dev” RASA X would be used for testers, tagging, etc.
  2. Master branch would be used for deployment and managing production.

I want to separate it because giving access to production RASA X to the testers team is not looking like a good idea (someone could shut down prod by chance). The only thing I am wondering is if there is a way to use one PostgreSQL for both RASA X instances (to have the same conversation/data histories in both).

Or is there another way around to set up something like that? Would be great to hear some advice.

Thanks in advance!

Is anyone capable of some advice? :slight_smile:

Kick it back up again :slight_smile: