Rasa X (Community Edition) is no longer maintained or supported

Today, we shared that we will no longer maintain or support Rasa X Community Edition, the free tier of our enterprise tooling. You can learn more about why we made this decision and what it means for you in this forum announcement.

This means we will also not be able to respond to questions about Rasa X, however we plan to keep this section of the forum open until we set it to read only at the end of 2022.

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Hi @amn41, about migrating to enterprise stack, do you guys every thought about a (individual) consultancy plan ?

Where one could have the opportunity to at least deploy one AI assistant and use it to showcase not only his skills but also the rasa stack itself. Perhaps it would be much easier to recommend companies to move to enterprise.



Thanks for your suggestion @jusce17 . We currently don’t offer any individual plans for Rasa Enterprise as our focus for that platform to focus on larger enterprise teams.

Would love to see a topic/post about “How to do Conversation-Driven Development in a world without Rasa X Community Edition” at some point.

Thanks for the suggestion @Chris98106 - it’s a great idea and I’ll add that to our backlog of educational content.