CI/CD and testing with real users

hey community

i want to test my chatbot with real users and my knowledge is very very limited about integration process and deployement , i watched @Juste on youtube but i dont get really what am i suppose to do also checked documentations and still found little ambiguity and its unclear for me since this is my first time. @amn41

for now am running my chatbot locally for now with rasa x, how can i do the testing and what should i use ? what about jenkins or git actions ?

hi @Youssef-0 - great that you are up and running with Rasa Open Source and Rasa X!

there are two things you should do:

First is to use the ‘share your bot’ feature: of Rasa X to get some folks to try out your bot, see here

Second is to set up some automated tests, if you are using GitHub, then github actions is the easiest option. You can look at this example from carbon bot for how to use github actions with Rasa

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hey @amn41 thank your for your reply,

one more thing, what about my knowledge base am also working with web scrapping , should i create a docker containing all my requirements ? sorry but my knowledge is very limited about this topic its my first time trying to do that,