RASA X - Error for Integrated Version Control using Docker-compose & Helm deployment


Can somebody please help me with this issue… I opened this issue 3 weeks ago for the docker-compose setup but did not receive any help. Currently I am using the Kubernetes deployment through Helm charts with the latest versions of Rasa X and Rasa Open Source. Furthermore, I use Github where I store my project and Github Actions to create a custom action Dockerfile and update Kubernetes.

The project layout that I am using is valid, I added the Rasa X SSH key to my Github deployment keys (with write access as well). My main project is on a different branch and my master branch is empty. I specifically tell Rasa X to access the branch with the project (and not the master branch).

When I fill in the Github connector on Rasa X (i.e. after launching Rasa X), after filling in my Github SSH, branch & adding the SSH key to my deployment keys I get the error:

Something went wrong. Please try again.

I also check whether the SSH key is actually used at Github (and this is the case). When I dive into the logs of the pods I get this warning:

UserWarning: The connected repository has an innvalid project layout. Integrated Version Control requires the domain to be present at the following path: 'domain.yml'

However, this is not the case as my project layout looks as follows:

Can somebody from the Rasa Team (or anybody else) please help me with this! Again, I thank you in advance.

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Apparently my master branch was not allowed to be empty (even though my target branch did contain a complete Rasa repository). Simply initializing Rasa in my master branch fixed this error for me.

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@LAKSHMI25NPATHI can you check whether this solves it for you as well?

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Thank you so much. I will try it once. Finally, you saved me :wink:

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