Rasa X is not connecting with git repo because I used domain folder instead of domain files

I have multiple domain files and i have put them in my domain folder. Now when I am trying to connect it with repo. Its giving me error.

Error copied from logs: The connected repository has an invalid project layout. Integrated Version Control requires the domain to be present at the following path: ‘domain.yml’

Please do let me know how can I use this multiple domain feature in Rasa X.

@akelad kindly please answer my query or tag someone relevant from dev

@Abdur-Rub it’s currently unsupported. You can get it to work if you put all your domain files in the root directory, otherwise the fix will come in the future!

Hi @desmarchris , thanks for the reply but as per logs it looks for domain.yml named file. how to handle this like I have different named files

you can try moving them out of your domain folder into the project root directory

I did, it gives same error. my files names are domain-{}.yml but its not picking up and saying it should be domain.yml

Ok, we’ll need to wait until multiple domains are officially supported inside Rasa X then