Rasa X conversation page stuck on "Loading messages"

I’ve created a new applicatioin using “rasa init” and the Rasa X conversation page is stuck on “Loading messages”


In the log it says:

2019-05-21 17:39:05 INFO root - Starting Rasa Core server on http://localhost:5005

The server is running at http://localhost:5002/login?username=me&password=xxxxx

WARNING: The TensorFlow contrib module will not be included in TensorFlow 2.0. For more information, please see:

INFO:apscheduler.scheduler:Scheduler started

Any ideas?

@andymayer does this still persist? It’s not that it’s just taking a long time loading conversations? It may be that if you don’t have any conversations (i.e. a new project) it incorrectly stays on the loading page, not sure. Any more information you have would help.

You are right thanks. It was because I didn’t have any conversations. It is now working.