Rasa X buttons not working v 0.21.3

Hi All, After switching to the newest rasa-x versions with rasa 1.3.7, I seem to have trouble with buttons. To be exact, when I press a button in interactive learning mode or shared conversational mode a new tab opens in chrome rather than the button press action. version: latest - rasa-x==0.21.3

Anyone have similar issues? Worked fine on the same code for older version of rasa-x and rasa.

Edit1: Upon inspecting the button element, I can see a “href=#” part. Is this a UI bug?

<a color="neutral_0" font-size="1" font-weight="0" target="_blank" href="#" letter-spacing="0" class="sc-bdVaJa sc-EHOje Button-eg97wo-0 cxPNcx">Top Products</a>

Thanks, Thusitha

update: On the gues conversation mode, Buttons appear two times. Clicking the top set doesn’t work. Clicking the below set works. This is most likely a UI bug.