Rasa X showing 'New button' as text instead of the actual text

Hello all, I am using buttons in my stories and have included the same in domain.yml but after loading it in rasa x it is getting reflected as ‘new button’ in responses tab:

And in interactive learning, it just shows the bot action, without any text or buttons. I find it weird because when I try the same story in shell, it runs perfectly fine with ability to select buttons using arrows. Even in rasa interactive (the shell version), it runs fine.

I went through this post, there it seems to be a problem of version. but I think I already have updated versions: Rasa version - 1.10.0 Rasa x version - 0.27.7

Thanks in advance!

Well I sorted it out. It is because the text for buttons should be labelled as ‘title’ and not ‘text’. For example - text: ‘Yes’ should be replaced with title:‘Yes’ and so on. It worked out!