How to enable buttons in Rasa X

Dear Community,

I was trying to create a list of buttons for my project. However, when I tried to implement them using the following code:

In Rasa X, the buttons are not clickable and they are disabled when I viewed by developer mode. button_action_2

How can I enable those buttons? Many thanks!

How do you define your /intent_action?

If you could provide your Rasa and Rasa X version, it will help us to help with your problem faster.

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have you mentioned intent_action in the intents section in domain.yml and created the story for the same?

@nik202 Yes I had added the intent in my domain. Actually, I had solved the problem with an alternative solution that triggered a follow-up action bypassing the intent prediction. While it would still be interesting to investigate this topic, I can still make progress in my project without knowing the solution immediately :grinning: Thank you!