Rasa X - Bot doesn´t reply to the Testuser until reloading the page

Hi everyone,

my issue is similarly to the following topic:

Unfortunately, there are no updates recently. So I try to find out how to solve this problem in a new topic :slight_smile:

We run our bot on a server with the following software parts:

  • python: 3.7.5
  • rasa-OpenSource: 1.6.1
  • rasa-SDK: 1.6.1
  • rasa x: 0.24.7

If we share our bot with testusers the bot doesn´t reply always to the user with a response. After the testpage is reloaded the bot response is shown up. I think this is very nasty for the users to reload the page after every single input.

We have some CustomActions in our stories. Could it be possible that rasa x and the CustomServer doesn´t run smoothly together? Or do you think that I have to use other rasa versions?

Thank you for every help! Tobias

Hi @Tobias have you checked whether this consistently happens on different browsers? Which one were you using to test it?

Hi @akelad

thank you for your quick reply.

I have already run the bot on explorer and chrome. At both browsers the Bot in the testwindow sometimes reply with a answer and sometimes not (then I have to reload the page and the bot shows up a response)

Do I have to use a specific browser or is there any other problem related to this topic? Maybe the RasaVersion?

Internet explorer isn’t really supported, but chrome should work fine. Maybe we can jump on a call about this to see what’s going on?

It does sometime to me as well. I am using chrome. Make sure you have restarted the server after each conversation it does hang sometimes especially if conversation fail. Do the training from terminal and when start first time give it a bit of time extra few seconds before you typing.

This shouldn’t happen really - if either of you would like to jump on a call with us so we can investigate this - please email us at support@rasa.com