Rasa X behaving strangely since upgrading it to the latest version

Since I upgraded to the latest Rasa X Version: Rasa X 0.32.2, I’ve noticed some strange behaviour.

Whenever I train my Rasa X model, it always trains 3 different versions of the same model.

Another strange thing that happens, is that the UI tells me the training has failed even though the training continues (I checked the rasa x logs) and when I refresh the model page in the UI, I can see the 3 new models.

Lastly, whenever I make a change in the domain file, I have to click save changes several times for the change to be saved.

For more context:

My rasa x is deployed on Amazon EKS.

Still need help with this please

I had to result to training my rasa x chatbot model on a running instance on was and then upload my trained version to the server.