Error when Training in Rasa X

We are using Rasa X inside a Docker container to develop our chatbot. When we use the “Train” button on the Rasa X interface, we get the following error message on our Docker:

We we run the command rasa train, the training happens with no problems.

Hm, what a mysterious error! A few questions:

Does the model actually train or does it not show up in the models page?

What versions of Rasa and Rasa X are you running?

The version is the stable version of the Rasa X image. I think it runs the version 0.20.3 of Rasa X and I am not sure what the version of Rasa it uses. Is there a command I can pass to the container that will tell me the versions?

You can check in the UI by hitting http://domain/api/version, should tell you rasa and rasa-x. Otherwise you can hit the /version endpoint of the rasa server

Oh, sorry I didn’t see the first question. The model doesn’t appear on the models page.

I’m sorry I didn’t understand the commands you sent. Should I go to localhost:5002/domain/api/version to see the version?

http://localhost:5002/api/version :slight_smile: Sorry, realize that was confusing – i meant by domain, whatever domain you were on

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Thank you, managed to get it now.

Here is the result from the command:

Rasa: prodution 1.2.5
      worker: 1.2.5
Rasa X: 0.20.2


Just wondering how you manged to get it working, having the same problem over here