Rasa X not updating models rendering bot unusable


I am making a small bot and deploying it on slack, unfortunately for reasons I can’t explain rasa-x stopped getting the files I trained locally (jupyter notebook) and is stuck on some older version I ran in the past.

As a consequence I can’t deploy a usable bot.

My issue is very similar to this one:

but none of these workarounds are working for me.

Can someone advise on how to proceed?

I already uninstalled rasa and rasa x, rebuilt my model and as soon as I open rasa x there is the old model waiting for me in a non-usable state.

Are you sure the models are saved to the correct directory? Try removing the old model from the models dir.

I actually found what the problem was, if for some reason you ran the rasa run command before you ran rasa x, since they take the same port this would interfere with rasa x’s access so it would stop updating.

So if anyone has this issue just quit rasa run before you start rasa x.