Rasa vs rasax vs rasa-x vs docker rasa vs pip rasa

Need help to understand the differences between docker install and pip install of rasa X. Do I need both of them or just one or them? After pip install, ‘rasa’ command is working, does this mean I don’t have to install rasa as mention in the Doc again. Newbee here, quite confuse of installation of rasa, rasa-x and docker rasax.

My situation is to need a rasa develop enviroment and rasax server to share/test/demo trained model. I’m using AWS and build a rasa model works fine with rasa command line alone on a EC2 instance. I’ve tried so many times to work it with rasa X. Unfortunately, there is no luck. So I’m sure there must be some misunderstanding with the concepts. What I’m not sure:

  1. How virtual env is important? When install rasa, it’s recommended to install in a venv, which is not mentioned in rasa X. What’s the best practice to deal with rasa, rasa-x and docker rasax and their venv, if necessary.

  2. Can I install rasa and rasa X on the same EC2? Or recommend to run them seperately? Since it’s not a production app, I assume it’s OK to install them together. But the “Blank page” of rasa X is like a ghost to me. I tried to install docker rasax before or after installation of rasa, almost of time it’s blank. Even sometimes it’s working, I don’t know why. Even when I stop the EC2 instance, and restart it again, It’s not working. There must be some simple problem I missed or don’t understand.

  3. Port issue with EC2. As Doc mentioned, 22/80/443 are opened for a EC2 instance to run rasa X. If I can’t run localhost in browser since no UI of the instance, are they enough?

I love rasa and am not IT backgroud. Need help to make a breakthrough. Sorry for these simple questions which’re might comman knowledges but driving me crazy for 2-days.

Appreciate any help here. Thanks!!

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Hi @yiouyou,

I highly recommend that you work through the rasa masterclass.

It does a very good job of explaining exactly those points you bring up.

It also demonstrates all the detailed steps of installation, developing, sharing, and deploying.

Thanks @Arjaan, they’re fantastic introduction classes. I’ve watched all of them. With the gradually absorbtion of the Rasa, at some point, I need to know more reasons behind it. Since Rasa is under active development, I believe some reasons are due to the history.

I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like a Higher point of view of Rasa evolution will be very helpful.

@yiouyou can you clarify what you want to know about the “more reasons behind it” after having also seen the masterclass?