Rasa UI plugin

Hello there , I am searching for rasa UI plugin which i can use in my application which is build in .net , is there any plugin available for Rasa (should be able to add intent ,stories ,and train from UI )and it should support multi-projects…

any suggestion will be helpful for these

Hi @Beherasaptami. Rasa X meets all of your requirements, except it is not a plugin and does not currently support multi-projects. What do you mean by “multi-projects” and why is this an important requirement? Why do you want the UI to be a plugin?

Basically i am searching for some ui plugin which will help me to have multiple bots/agents so being a customer point of view i would love to use something where i can have multiple agents ,who can serve multiple customers at same time for example : GitHub - samtecspg/articulate: A platform for building conversational interfaces with intelligent agents (chatbots) , it’s built on top of rasa nlu but it didn’t support rasa core it has its own dialogue management .