Rasa run actions unable to find model


I’m trying upgrade to the newest version of Rasa and am having issues running the actions server. I’m trying to execute rasa run actions. It keeps saying that there’s no model found even after running rasa train and having that successfully pass. I’m not sure if it’s a related issue, but I also noticed that Rasa is saving the core trained model to somewhere in my appdata directory and not in my project’s models directory. It is saving the NLU model to the models directory.

Also I’m not sure if the fact that I have an actions folder is interfering with running the actions server since the docs say to having an actions.py file. In my old setup, I was able to split my actions up into multiple files and store them in a directory and rasa would pull from all of them when starting up the actions server.


Actually I resolved my issue. Looks like due to how I’ve setup my project structure, I need to add the path to my actions folder. I was able to start the actions server by running rasa run actions --actions actions

This is a good point, it looks like it must look for only an actions.py file, not an actions folder. I’ve created an issue for fixing that misleading error message, and maybe supporting loading directly from an actions folder without having to specify the argument.

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