Unable to run rasa run actions from parent directory

Hi there,

I’ve got the following project structure:


All rasa resources are in front_end dir. Usually when I run rasa train or rasa run from project_dir I would simply pass in the location of the resources using the arguments --model; --domain; --config; --data, etc. and everything would work as expected.

However, running rasa run actions --actions front_end/actions from gives me the following error:

How can I go about solving this issue? Am I passing the wrong path?

Can you please post the full logs of the action server? everything from the point that it’s launched.


Thank you for your reply. That’s the full output I’m getting when I run the command rasa run actions --actions front_end/actions that is supposed to launch the action server.

How can I get the full logs of the command? Running with -v outputs the same.