Running action server throws error

rasa run

WARNING: The TensorFlow contrib module will not be included in TensorFlow 2.0. For more information, please see:

Traceback (most recent call last): File “/Users/mohit/work/env/anaconda3/bin/rasa”, line 11, in load_entry_point(‘rasa’, ‘console_scripts’, ‘rasa’)() File “/Users/mohit/work/research/Chatbot/Rasa/rasa/rasa/”, line 70, in main cmdline_arguments.func(cmdline_arguments) File “/Users/mohit/work/research/Chatbot/Rasa/rasa/rasa/cli/”, line 70, in run**vars(args)) File “/Users/mohit/work/research/Chatbot/Rasa/rasa/rasa/”, line 40, in run model_path = get_model(model) File “/Users/mohit/work/research/Chatbot/Rasa/rasa/rasa/”, line 59, in get_model return unpack_model(model_path) File “/Users/mohit/work/research/Chatbot/Rasa/rasa/rasa/”, line 144, in unpack_model tar = File “/Users/mohit/work/env/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/”, line 1578, in open raise ReadError(“file could not be opened successfully”) tarfile.ReadError: file could not be opened successfully

The models do exist in the folder.

@agrawal-mohit the correct command for running the action server is rasa run actions. does that work for you?

Hi @erohmensing yes that works , thanks