Action Server Problem

Hi to Everyone, i install rasa sdk without docker(i cant change this) and i add a example “action_joke” Apparently the action server start fine but after add the action to history and try to test the bot , this not response any more , and no response nothing

anyone can help with this?


Hello @javier0movigoo

Is there any error log in the action server ? Did you declare the action in domain.yml ?

Hi @javier0movigoo,

can you please post the content of your endpoints.yml file? Another hint:

Please start rasa and the action server with the following commands:

rasa run -vv -m <model> 
rasa run actions -vv

Then run your bot and post the verbose output here such that @fuih and I can analyze what’s going on.

Regards Julian

hi , i think i fixed when y run rasa run -vv i see , rasa dont find action_joke then y realized i train the model but dont use the last model, then wen i use the last model , works.

Thanks for the help

Hi @javier0movigoo,

youre very welcome!