Rasa Multiple Bots Routing from One Single Bot

Hello all, having universal bot which constitutes different domain bots in One. Is that possible with rasa?

Exactly the issue is we have a client which is having multiple applications namely for insurance, contract management, document extraction, Human Resource and there are bots for each application. Now this client also has a Main Application which relates all the other apps and they want a universal bot on this main website to be answerable about all the other bots in different applications named above. Am I making sense? If Yes, what could be the possible way going forward in this??

Routing from one bot into 3 or 4 different bots. How should one achieve this with Rasa? If anyone could help…!

Heres and idea that might work for you. Your main bot’s intent is to identify the sub bots. ie when a user sends a message, the main bot identifies to which sub bot the message is intended for. Once its identified you can forward the incoming message to the sub bot from a custom action.

@a-anand-91119 thanks for your response. That is quite the idea. Thank you. But here is the thing ,for instance there are multiple intents with similar messages in different sub bots… for example like a question could be end date of a contract company name or end date of a hr service name… which are for two different bots. How would I make sure that correct intent for the sub bot is achieved in case of such conflicts?

Plus , having intents for the main bots, would that need to include all the intents of all the sub bots in nlu file for mapping?so basically I should have all the contents of different sub bots stories and nlu file in one main bot data file?? Right?

@pranay_raj Sorry for the late response.

This is what the main bot is supposed to do. When the user utters “end date of a hr service name”, the main bot should identify this message is intended for sub_bot_1 and for utterance " end date of a contract company name", main bot identifies this message is for sub_bot_2.

Not exactly, although this could be the case based on your training data and intents. You only need the information to identify sub bots. For example, all messages containing some key word HR will be an intent. You can try to generalize your sub_bot training data and use it in your main bot.