Need Multiple Chatbots

Hi i need to configure multiple chat bots on a single server and direct the user input to different bots as per the content or requirement of user. I need node as middle-ware to do this. Any idea ??? @Juste

Hi @somit1234. This is a really challenging problem for the community. I don’t think anyone, including the Rasa team, has found a good answer to how to do it. There are also a lot of implications and limitations to approaching the problem in this way. For example:

  • Can you make it work for 10+ assistants?
  • What happens when you make changes to one assistant that affects the others?
  • How do you test?
  • Do you have to write logic for how you select the sub-bot?
  • What carrying over context and history?

Curious to hear if you have thought of anything clever