Chatbot query on mulitple Domain

Hi Team,

I have a query regarding rasa setup for multiple domains. We are planing to build a sample chatbot application, in which we are planing to cover chatbot activities for different applications ( for example application A specific chatbot, application B specific chatbot, application C specific chatbot).

Our idea is to call Rasa /respond api from Ui(which is built on botui.js). We are able to create a sample chatbot for applicationA . However we couldnt define a proper design topology for handling chat bot for other two applications.

So please let me know what is the recomended way of handling chatbot for mutiple domains.

Should it be like seperate rasa server for these three(applicationA,application B, application C) applications or can we combine these three domains in one.

Thanks Delvin


Could you please help me

I am from banking domain. Currently we are doing a POC work for a chatbot in which we are planing to automate FAQ about various applications in this domain. We are targetting for FAQ automation for 6 applications. We are expecting maximum of 30 user concurrently per application.

We could create a chatbot for one application, with the help of RASA ,Nlu and http exposed services.

Now we need to extend the chatbot concept to remaning 5 applications.

We are confused in the part that whether we need to maintain 6 seperate RASA project with 6 RASA http servers running on realtime to handle FAQ for this 6 applciations.

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This kind of depends on how much overlap the NLU has etc. I’m not entirely sure I understand the question. Would there be one chatbot to answer all the FAQs? Or would they be on separate pages?

Hi Delvin / @delvincet , did you manage to solve the question about multiple domains? I’m asking because we have a similar challenge. If you succeeded could you please describe how you did it? @akelad you actually only repeated Delvin’s question, would you mind trying to improve? Here is a modified question: If my customer is looking for / needs a service where several domain-experts are needed to serve her, how do I build the topology so that 1) the handoff from one domain expert bot to another can be made within the same session 2) the customer can return to the original demain-expert-bot and continue from where she was before the swap?

i mean, i was asking for a clarification.

As for your use case, this is something we’re looking into in general but don’t really have an out of the box solution for yet.

Hi Jouko,

I have same issue, could you manage multi domain chatbot