Meta & main bots: any examples or best practices?

I watched “Meta bots: why they’re probably not the best solution to your problems” on YouTube; it’s great!

It talks about meta bots, main bots, routing to sub-bots and bot hand-offs but doesn’t describe how to implement these concepts in Rasa. Are there any examples or best practices?

Thanks! John

Hi @v5out, thanks for the question! So the MultiProjectImporter is one way to merge multiple bots into one:

As for sub bots and doing hand offs, stay tuned for a blog post which should also include some open sourced code :slight_smile: Before that happens, we have an example of handing off between bots in our financial starter pack


Hey @akelad, thanks for the video. Are you able to share the slide deck? thanks

Hi @akelad , MultiProjectImporter is really a cool solution.

  1. How can we make a way to extract the intent of particular project on first user request, when I have same intent in all the projects, like greet intent for example. I mean the way I train the model such that on the basis of some context or input channel or any thing I could make so that the intent extractor extracts the greet intent from the particular project itself.
  2. Then how to stick all next requests coming from the user to be processed for same project itself which was extracted in first request.

It’s been a while, and I’m wondering if the blog post you mention is published yet?

I’m building a multi-bot solution where it’s important to separate authoring to establish multiple “characters”. Not sure if routing or combining is the right way to go yet, but would love to read whatever there is to read on the matter!

same question here

Hey @alinalizhang, I’ve been continuing with this and it seems the example linked in the financal starter pack is still viable. Granted, the repositories that provide the handoff examples are not actively maintained (and the upstream chatroom widget is mothballed - I think because of me :flushed:), the logic is still sound.

For my own needs, I can’t rely on a web front end, so I’m thinking about implementing a simple router to different bots using similar logic. Happy to collaborate on a utility solution if you or anyone else is interested!