Rasa master not added to GIT Server


i have connected to my specific forked deployment-workshop-bot-2 with CI-CD introduced but my rasa x would not add the changes into master through rasa X git server.

And also, where is our model .tar file stored in our rasa x?

@stevelam15 , To check the first issue, can you run Rasa X with debug turned on, and monitor the LOG file while you’re clicking on Add changes to Git server ? You will see some print statements referring to git, and please look for any errors. If you see something, please post it here.

About the second issue. Can you clarify your question? Are you interested to upload the model from your CI job to Rasa X? If so, you can use the HTTP API to upload & tag your trained model. You can find a complete example in the upload-model job of carbon-bot