Rasa X Model training not working

Hi all!

I’ve installed rasa x (0.23.3) on a ubuntu 18.4-Server, with plenty of power. It’s working. After installation there are no training data, responses, stories … and no model available. It’s a fresh install. So I started to input training data. After that, I train a model. When I press the “train”-button, a popup showing “Training” appears … and disappears after some seconds. But there is no model file under “models”, no matter how often I try to train. So I connected rasa x with a github-repository, which contains the directory of a local trained rasa x-instance. The connection works, rasa x somehow gets the training data (although there is no data-directory on the server). But again: Training fails! I am logged in as root on the server. I can change configuration without any problems. So I don’t think it is a write-permission problem. I tried to upload a model with curl. I get the response: “Internal Server Error. The server encountered an internal error and cannot complete your request”

Something is going wrong here …

Thanks for any help. Best regards


Hi @axelschweiss,

I will try to help you figure out what is going on.

It is awesome you got rasa x connected with a github-repository. That is the way to go for developing a bot with rasa x. The fact that you do not see the training data files on disk is correct. Rasa X has a database in which it stores all the data that it pulls from your github repo.

We recently released rasa x 0.24.1, and I do recommend that you upgrade rasa x to that version. Several issues were fixed related to the git integration compared to your version 0.23.3.

When you upgrade, can you summarize what method you use to install rasa x, and keep track of any specific steps you have to take outside of the installation steps described in the docs?

Hi Arjaan, thank you for your answer.

I started an all new server (Ubuntu 18), installed rasa x with docker, connected it with my github-repo, everything worked fine. Training data is there, I can enter new training data … but the problem persists. Can’t train a model. When I want to talk to the bot (“interactive learning”), I get the message “There are no active models”. When I go to “conversations”, I get this popup “It seems like its your first time here …” - everytime I go there. I created a link for guest testers, entered some messages. But these messages never arrived at rasa x. Before I connected rasa x to my github repo, I got these “There was an error loading messages and polling has been stopped” message, when I clicked on “conversations”. That message has gone, when I connected rasa x to my github repo.

Best regards

… okay, it’s working now, but I don’t know exactly why.

What I did was:

  1. Select another V-Server-Provider. This should not make any difference. As on the previous provider, Ubuntu 18 was installed. With one slight difference …
  2. Docker wasn’t preinstalled with Ubuntu. That was the case with the previous provider. I have no idea if this really matters. But I wanted at least to leave this observation here in the forum. Maybe that could help someone in the future.

Now everything is working, although I had to restart Rasa x once to get the “interactive learning” working.



Hi @axelschweiss,

Great to hear it is working.

What could have happened is that you had an older version of docker installed. Can you double check what version of python, docker and docker-compose you are using now?

$ python3 --version && docker -v && docker-compose -v