Unable to train model as it is not visible in Rasa-x

I have successfully connected my git repo to rasa-x. I am able to see branch name in the bottom left corner of rasa-x. But I can’t see any model or NLU data in the left tabs.

Please help.

For the model, you need to train it from Rasa X or upload a file to Rasa X.

For the NLU data, how long have you been waiting? It can take some time to appear.

Ok. I used the below command:

curl --request POST
–url http://my-url/api/projects/default/git_repositories?api_token=my-token
–header ‘content-type: application/json’
–data-binary @repository.json

it resulted:


For NLU data, I have been waiting since 15 minutes.

Still, nothing on the rasa-x. All tabs have no data.

Please help anyone.