Connecting from Rasa X Server to Github

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is having a safe time now at home. I’m trying to upload my already-functioned model to Rasa X Server following Rasa instructions. However, I cannot seem to import all the training data to Rasa X, even though there is green indicator in the connection tab (please see image for illustration).

Has anyone had similar problem?

Thanks in advance!

[UPDATE]: I found out what the problem is, it seems like Responses are not detected, hence, the model cannot be trained. Is this because there is something wrong with the content of my file?

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Hello @mia.le0711,

What is the server you are running rasa x on?


Thanks for your reply! I use VM Instance from Google Cloud Platform. I followed the exact step-by-step instructions from the tutorial.

Did you able to commit to git manually through cmd?

Yes I do!

I can see, and domain.yml already there on Rasa X, but not responses …

Did you try talking to your bot through Rasa X?

I can’t, because I cannot even train the model.

Can you run “rasa train” in the cmd & share me the screenshot?

@mia.le0711 Did you able to figure it out?

Hi! Sorry I was away. I haven’t, actually, however I wanted to approach deployment in a different way because this seems like a solution that works but is not specifically for my project.

I posted a new post in the community, if you happen to know the answer can you please help me? How to make Slackbot always available

Thank you so much for your help so far!