Ci/CD Questions with Rasa X

Dear staff, When I use rasax, I encountered two problems:

  1. Currently I have connected rasax to my bitbucket repository. In rasax interface I do some changes in NLU data, then “Training” → “Update model” → “Train model” → “Active the latest model”. Finally click “add changes” in order to push the latest model to my bitbucket repository, but it failed, the latest model has not been updated to my bitbucket.

  2. If I’d like to achieve a fully automatic Ci/CD: rasa source in my server → bitbucket repository → Rasa X. I want when I change Rasa X and click “Add changes”, Both bitbucket repository’s and my server rasa source’s files updated in sync, I don’t know how to do this.

Thank you very much for your answer!

Hi @JunyuLiu_rasa, which version of Rasa X are you using?

  1. The trained model doesn’t actually sync with your repository, it’s only the training data that does.

  2. Could you clarify what you mean by “bitbucket repository’s and my server rasa source’s files updated in sync”?

hi akelad, I am using 0.39x version for Rasa X.

  • “bitbucket repository’s rasa means: the rasa files which in bitbucket
  • my server rasa source’s files means: the rasa files which in production server (It is used to run the final program)

So the bitbucket repo will be updated automatically if you push changes from Rasa X. The pulling of the repo to your production server is something unrelated to Rasa X, and so needs to be implemented in your CI pipeline. You could have a job there that runs every time you merge into master, where the job sshes into the machine, and does a git pull

Thx akelad, I got it.

I wonder if you have any suggestions or ideas for the implementation of CI pipeline? Thank you for sharing~

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