Rasa integration with slack change the end point webhook url

Hi , I want to know how to integrate rasa with slack without using ngrok. I found that rasa uses https:///webhooks/slack/webhook to connect and add this in event subscription in request url for validation . how to change the endpoint to something else from /webhooks/slack/webhook to /slack_events/v1/sapphireassistant_dev-v1_events. where should i do the changes in rasa . can some one guide me here

Have you seen this tutorial video on Youtube? It’s using Rasa X, which is slightly different, but it should explain most steps.

Hi , I watched the video now. is raxa X different from rasa ? and also I am looking to change the endpoint webhooks/slack/webhook can I do that ?

@raginimanjaiah Hello! You want to deploy the rasa open source right, please go ahead and try as shown in the video. If you got any issue, please share.

Hi Deployment I have no issues. I am facing issue with slack registered url. In my workplace the endpoint is different from /webhooks/slack/webhook. for example the url looks like “<application url “>/slack_events/v1/sapphireassistant_dev-v1_events” now I need to replace /webhooks/slack/webhook” with /slack_events/v1/sapphireassistant_dev-v1_events. I want to know where should make the necessary changes so that event subscription url is verified .

@raginimanjaiah please mention @ and name who you replying, I guess you need to mention in interactive & shortcut → requested URL ; please ref this video tutorial to : CONNECT YOUR RASA CHATBOT TO SLACK | RASA | SLACKBOT - YouTube Time: 7:10 I wish this will solve your issue.