Slack integration RASA X on AWS EC2 Server

I followed the quick setup for docker-compose on the Rasa docs. I’ve got the bot set up and I can access the Rasa X UI and chat with the bot and can also make API calls to the server on Postman through:


Now I’m trying to get this working with Slack. I created the app on the API page and added the credentials to the credentials.yml file.

Now I need to activate the Event Subscriptions on Slack and provide the request URL. What is the request URL?

It’s difficult cause I’m not using ngrok to expose a locally hosted server. It’s an EC2 instance. So I don’t know what to put there?

I’m trying the following with no success:


So the docs say the following:

You can use ngrok to create a connection to your local computer that is publicly available on the internet. You don’t need this when running Rasa on a server because, you can set up a domain name to point to that server’s IP address, or use the IP address itself.

So how do I go about doing this using the IP?

Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

just copied your info up to the question for the record

Got it to work.



Hey @arneverster it worked for me to verify in slack or telegram as event url but i m not getting response in any integration, either telegram or slack or fb. Used the webhook as follows :

‘’‘http://ip address/core/webhooks/slack/webhook’’’

Check out this video:

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Yes @arneverster, have already seen it. For rasa x version above >=0.27.0, the request URL is :

http://<host ip>/webhooks/slack/webhook

For below version it is :

http://<host ip>/core/webhooks/slack/webhook

Ok awesome. I’ve not used Rasa X since this post, but planning on doing so soon. Thanks :slight_smile: