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i have created a bot and imported all contents of my data now i want to integrate it to slack how to setup request URL under event subscription to get slack webhook route moreover, when i add events like message.channels message.mipm it does not let me save those events.

Hi! This is for a slack bot, right? If so, you’ll need to first run the server with the rasa run command, so that when you input the request URL under “Enable events” it hits a running server and successfully verifies. Once you have a verified url you should be able to subscribe to events and activate interactive components.

yes i am integrating my bot to slack…and what exactly do i have to input in request URL i am testing it for my internal purpose before going live

If you are testing it locally, you will need to use ngrok, which will give your local port a url that can be accessed through the internet.

yes exactly i am using ngrok now when i get ngrok link,it does not verify i follow justina’s tutorial on video it says /slack/event which is route to webhook now how do i configure that line in this new version this is what my doubt is.

Which tutorial? I don’t know what line you’re referring to. /slack/event doesn’t ring a bell, the url should be

okay…thanks a lot i will try and get back to you… this is the URL link YouTube

i have one more query what will be my request URL under Event Subscription>Enable Events>Request URL

The request URL for enable events should be the one i posted above :slight_smile: then the same one is the request URL for interactivity.

okay fine thank you

hey slack doesnt verify my request URL because when it sends request to my server my ngrok’s server replies with 502 bad gateway

Are you running the rasa server before doing this? Also make sure that your ngrok server is pointing to the same port that you’re running your rasa server on.

yes i am running rasa server using rasa x and i am using forwarding link from ngrok do i have to use 5005 which is rasa port,right??

Yep, the forwarding port is 5005, that should be right

okay,yes i have used ngrok http 5005 command and copied forwarding url onto request URL tab as you have mentioned…when it requests my URL i get 502 bad gateway in my ngrok prompt and hence it doesnt verify

Right, but did you add the /webhooks/slack/webhook to the url as i mentioned above?

yes i did add

Can you try running the server with rasa run -m models --connector slack --credentials credentials.yml

okay i will get back to you


these are ngrok issue