Adding custom context to the Rasa request url for slack

Hi, I need to add a custom context to the Rasa request url that I configure in Slack. Something like: This is for my corporate proxy to identify the bot. We need to have the string “/api/v1/mybot/” as part of the url. Can you please guide as to where in Rasa can I configure the extension.

All suggestions are welcome and appreciated. This is kind of a show stopper at this stage.

Hi! There isn’t a feature built into to Rasa for modifying the server endpoint routing, but one alternative would be to set up a routing server in front of your Rasa bot to act as an intermediate proxy layer.

If that isn’t an option, you would need to modify the existing source to handling the routing: rasa/ at ba15a44a7af0432c1b7ae44822dbae173ba47eca · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

HI Song Song/Ben,

Any solution here??? We are also facing a similar issue when trying to do corporate integration with Slack.

Appreciate your responses here.

thanks SKP