Adding or changing a context url between port and webhooks path

Hello guys.

Is it possible to change the default context path of rasa url?Or even add other before the default path? Today I have the url in this format:


I would like to know if it is possible to change to something like this:




Anybody know?


Hi @julianopacheco! I guess that is not possible. The url is hard coded. Why do you want to change the URL? Can you use the URL as it is? Or would that be a problem for you?

Thanks Tanja.

The reason for my question is that today we are working with chatbot service for one system, but we will start using it on others. So o think I could start new chatbots with other contexts, to serve others systems. But I can use a different domain name or port to resolve this situation.

Another idea that I had, but I know little rasa, is to create a unique rasa chatbot to switch calls between different systems and have a way to differentiate each one. Would you know if this is possible and recomended?

What do you mean exactly by “switch calls between different systems”? Do you mean that your chatbot is calling different external servers - that would be possible. Have a look at Actions.

That is. This will be called by two different systems from the same business segment but with different focuses. Thanks for your answer. I will take a look at the Actions.

Hi Juliano,

Did you get any solution here? Appreciate your response here.

We have a similar issue of changing context url for connecting to Slack.