RASA form issue again

Hello everyone,

I have one issue. I m creating a bot in Korean language and i m using Forms for entity extraction. Bot is working fine mostly.

My issue is the my entity names are station names.

Like : 
New York

Now the starting point name can also be any station as above and end point name can also be any station.

My issue is i have created 1000’s of training phrases containing names of station as above.

But sometimes insted of understanding it as Starting point, BOT understand it as end point.

I m using form policy.

Can i force BOT, to ask always for Starting point and then ask again for End point. Even if the User have already provided the To station name in the first message.

For example : 

User : i want to go to New York
(Here New York is a end point)
Bot : what is your starting point
User : Berlin
Bot : what is your end point
User : New York
Bot : you can take Airbus-327

Here as we can see even if the Bot had the To station name, it still reasks the user. I want this because sometimes BOT understands the end point as starting point. I must mention the bot is not in english language. I m using DIET classifier.


I solved the issue by creating two new entity. Had help after seeing Carbon Bot.