Problem regrading the output of the chatbot

I am having a problem on getting the required output. I created a slot_demo chatbot that input name and country of a person and outputs the name and the country that he/she belongs, but on running the chatbot after typing the country name it doesn’t return any thing. I tried deleting model and retrained the model but still there’s no positive result is getting for me. I only edited the nlu ,stories and domain.yml file. I am providing the files below please help me with this problem.

Thanking You


rasa shell

stories.yml nlu.yml rasa shell nlu domain.yml

Please help mee…

Hi @arjuscorpio2000. Overall the configuration you have looks good, but you should update your training stories to include the entities. After the step utter_enter_country you should include the entity extraction step:

 - country:  "india"

Similar to this example here: Stories

Mam, Do I need to include the whole countries provided in the ? like entities:

  • country: “india”
  • country: “usa”
  • country: “japan” and so on. Also do I need to provide entities for name in training stories above the action : utter_greet please give me a reply Thanking you Arjun

Please anyone reply

Hi @arjuscorpio2000, you don’t need to include the entire list of countries provided in but your stories should contain at least one example of each entity that gets extracted.

For example:

- story: name_path
  - intent: greet
  - action: utter_greet
  - intent: name_entry
    - name: "Arjun"
  - action: utter_enter_country
  - intent: country_entry
    - country: "india"
  - action: utter_show_country
  - action: utter_goodbye

Thanks very much Rasa.