Handle single word entities


The chatbot I’m working asks the user for the name of a train station and the user is expected to answer with just the name of the station (for example “Munich Main Station”). But when the user types in the name the bot doesn’t know what that means. I created an intent “give_departure_station” but can’t really provide any meaningful examples in the nlu.yml since all names are different. I thought about using a form but it seems like a form has to be activated by some user message, but in my case the bot has to initiate the form. Am I missing a simple solution?


Take a look at the example financial-demo. One example similar to yours is when the user wants to transfer funds between two accounts. In this case, the user may or may not provide some required entities in the initial intent that kicks off the form. You’ll find the intent here. Notice all the example that are provided and how some of them include different entities.

A rule then kicks the user into a form which figures out what remaining slots need to be collected.