Entity - getting a name from user and asking chatbot to refer to user using their name

Hi Everyone! I am trying to get my bot to ask user for their name and then for the bot to reply for example hello (name). I have tried the following: nlu:

  • intent: full_name examples: |
    • my full name is [first name]{“entity” : “name”, “role” : “fname”} [last name] {“entity” : “name”, “role” : “lname”}.
    • my first name is [first name]{“entity” : “name”, “role” : “fname”} and my last name is [last name] {“entity” : “name”, “role” : “lname”}.

domain : utter_pers_info_email:

  • text: “Nice to meet you {fname}, please provide your email address”

and also added these to a story.

But I am getting the following error: ERROR:rasa.core.nlg.interpolator:Failed to replace placeholders in response ‘Nice to meet you {fname} , please provide your email address’. Tried to replace ’ fname ’ but could not find a value for it. There is no slot with this name nor did you pass the value explicitly when calling the response. Return response without filling the response. Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/rasa/core/nlg/interpolator.py”, line 27, in interpolate_text text = text.format(values) KeyError: ’ fname ’

Is this possibly because I d’ont have a code in the actions file ? What would it be if so please?

Thank you in advnce!