Name entity is not extracting

I am trying to extract name other than one defined in training dataset . When I say my bot my name is john with user_name as a slot .It should answer hello john , whatever name I put in the bracket .

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@sakshi14 you want that when user input his/her name the bot fetch the name entity and display with the message Hello John, How can I help you today? Right!



responses: utter_show_detail:

  • text: Thanks {name}! for the Email id {email}. How can I help you!

actions: action_show_detail

class ActionDetailt(Action):

 def name(self) -> Text:
     return "action_show_detail"

 def run(self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher,
         tracker: Tracker,
         domain: Dict[Text, Any]) -> List[Dict[Text, Any]]:

     return []

You need to create the intent in nlu.yml, mention the Intent, Entities, Slots in domain.yml and create the story for the bot/user conversation.

I guess you want this only?

forms: user_info_form: ignored_intents: - greet - goodbye required_slots: user_type: - type: from_entity entity: user_type intent: - user_type user_name: - type: from_text entity: user_name intent: - user_name I am using form and trying to extract the name from_text . I am not extracting entity actually. i am just trying to extract text here

@sakshi14 Hi! Your query is solved?

No โ€ฆMy query still not solved

sounds more like an entity extraction problem over a slot set problem. Do you mean that the NLU model isnโ€™t able to extract names based on the training you have done. Did you use DIET?

Names are incredibly hard and i wouldnโ€™t rely on an extractor for names to work perfectly because they donโ€™t have any definite pattern. Probably best if you can use lookup tablesโ€ฆ if your namelist is finite in nature.